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All E3 press conferences and shows of the big game publishers might be over but that doesn’t mean they are done showing off their highly-wanted games yet. Quite the opposite, as the densely packed shows didn’t really allow for them to be shown in a lengthy manner. But E3 is of course much more than just flashy, orchestrated conferences. For pretty much every publisher and developer that is just the beginning and a tease of some sorts, where the real meat of their games is being presented on the show-floor and community livestreams.

We have assembled some of those videos where developers and journalists got to play some of the biggest games of this year’s E3 in a more normal fashion. So, no jump-cuts or thrillingly edited gameplay snippets, but instead regular gameplay for viewers to enjoy and get a better understanding of how game will actually play.

We’re starting with Ghost Recon Breakpoint. Ubisoft announced the new special forces-themed action-shooter a month prior to the E3 which enabled them to delve deeper into story and gameplay now. IGN had the opportunity to sit down with the devs and play close to half an hour of Breakpoint. On top of that, they also had an interview with the developers with even more gameplay shown. Watch the two videos here!

Next up, we have Watch Dogs: Legion. Ubisoft’s third entry into the open-world action-adventure with a hefty dose of hacking. Legion marks an important departure from the previous titles as it allows players to recruit and play as any civilian in a fascist post-Brexit London. Check out 30 mins of gameplay below to see how that works in reality.

Last but not least, we have the official gameplay demo of Gearbox’s  open-world co-op shooter-looter Borderlands 3. Despite being announced several weeks ago, this is the first time we get to see the game in action for a longer session. Watch it here!

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