Benidorm shooting horror: Tourist panic as man shot dead in street in Little England | World | News


The 46-year-old was held near the scene of the shooting as he tried to flee in a rented getaway car. The doorman was rushed to hospital with gunshot wounds to his leg after helping police capture the Briton. Local reports said the gunman fired at his victim after being refused entry to the unnamed nightspot because he was drunk.

He is understood to have gone to his vehicle to fetch the weapon before returning and shooting the doorman.

The gun has been seized and is being tested to see if it has been used in previous crimes.

The unnamed Brit is expected to appear in court tomorrow or Friday.

The shooting happened around 1am this morning morning.

A National Police spokesman confirmed: “A British man aged 46 has been arrested over a shooting outside a nightspot in Benidorm.”

The venue, thought to be a nightclub, has not been named.

More to follow…

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