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The Downton Abbey movie sees the return of some fan favourites, but also the introduction of new characters. One of those is Lady Maud Bagshaw, a lady-in-waiting to Queen Mary, who is played by Imelda Staunton. Speaking on This Morning today, the actress teased that her character has a secret and connection to the Crawley family. Staunton said: “Lady Bagshaw has a secret and she isn’t very keen on spending a couple of nights at Downton, because she’s connected to the family in some way and knows that there might be a hint of trouble if she goes there.”

Fans will know Staunton is the real-life wife of Mr Carson star Jim Carter.

The 63-year-old revealed she was shocked to be cast in the Downton Abbey movie at all.

She said: “It was a shock, I have to say. I would have liked to think ‘Well, of course, I was going to be in the film’, but not at all… 

“I was really excited by what I had to do in the film as well. I’ve got a very good, intricate storyline, which was very satisfying to do.

“But then because I’d worked with quite a few of them before and because, as you said, I had sort of lived with it vicariously through Jim, turning up there I thought, ‘Yeah, here I am.’ 

“It felt normal and extraordinary at the same time.”

Staunton continued: “When it was filmed upstairs all of the downstairs staff had time off, but not Mr. Carson! 

“I think I can safely say, he had the toughest job on that and I was always at the back saying ‘Your dinner’s ready!’”

Amusingly, the actress originally thought she would play a downstairs character adding: “Yes I did. I thought, ‘I’ve got to give Mrs Patmore a run for her money!’”


The two legendary actresses famously shared another feud between different characters in Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix, when Smith played Professor Minerva McGonagall opposite Staunton’s Dolores Umbridge. 

By the looks of it, Lady Maud will be accompanying King George V and Queen Mary on their visit to Downton Abbey – the main thrust of the 1927-set movie.

The frosty clip also introduced Tuppence Middleton’s Lucy Smith, who plays Lady Maud’s maid.

From Downton Abbey’s trailer, it looks like she and Allen Leech’s Tom Branson will be sparking a romance.

But just what could Lady Bagshaw’s secret be and who else is involved?

Downton Abbey is released in UK cinemas on September 13, 2019.

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