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Gavin Short, news editor at Falklands Radio told Express.co.uk: “We have scratched our collective heads as to why Mr Corbyn seems to have this ‘thing’ about the and the only explanation that we can come up with is that he somehow relates us to Mrs Thatcher and just can’t get past that.” s left-wing politics saw him become a major critic of Thatcher’s time as Prime Minister between 1979 and 1990. But, at least as far the Falkland Islanders are concerned, the Labour leader is inspiring little trust in the region as threats from the Argentine President-elect intensify.

Mr short continued: “Down this way most folk that I talk to do not trust Corbyn one little bit as he is looked on as being pretty pro-Argentina.

“We often wonder why this should be as he constantly champions human rights and self-determination which seems to apply to everyone else but us.

“This has to be contrasted with the rest of the Labour party and the majority of them , from the interactions that our MLA’s have had with them, are solidly behind the Falklands.

“Indeed if memory serves me, their last manifesto had a piece in it pledging support to the Falklands. This seems to be one area where membership and leader may well be out of synch with each other.”

Argentine President-elect Alberto Fernandez made a revelation that Jeremy Corbyn called him last week and in the same breath the new leader in Buenos Aires vowed to take back the British archipelago.

He told Argentine media: “If Labour wins and Mr Corbyn becomes the next British Prime Minister, he can be sure I will call him to claim the Malvinas because they are an integral part of Argentina.

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“Without giving up our claim of sovereignty, we must work together to strengthen the ties between the Argentine and British people, who share much more than we imagine.”

Mr Short said due to lack of trust in Mr Corbyn in the Falklands, many would prefer a Conservative government under Mr Johnson.

He said: “I think it’s fair to say when looking at the two main political party leaders that most people here would choose Boris over Jeremy. To be honest I haven’t the foggiest what the Lib-Dems think about us.”

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