Ni No Kuni coming to Switch, Remaster to PC, PS4


Fans of Ghibli movies can rejoice, as Bandai Namco is planning to bring the lovely PS3 JPRG to modern platforms in form of a remaster of Ni No Kuni for the PC and PlayStation 4. Nintendo Switch owner aren’t left out and will get the original game. Watch the trailer here!

Originally released as PlayStation 3 exclusive, Ni No Kuni won over the hearts of JRPG and anime fans all over the world with its loving art style and heartfelt story about a young boy called Oliver who ventures on a grand adventure to save his dying mother. We were thrilled by the game which you can read in more detail in our original review here.

Now, modern audiences will finally be able to experience the cult JRPG on their current modern gaming systems. We would have of course welcomed if the game was coming to every system but as it looks, Xbox One users are left in dust. But at least Ni No Kuni is getting the second chance it truly deserves on the PC, PS4 and Switch this September 9.

PC and PS4 will receive a remaster with enhanced visuals, resolutions & framerates at 1080p/60fps, while the Switch will get the original version at 720p and 30fps. This is hardly a dealbreaker however for Switch users as the game truly shines with its timeless art style courtesy of legendary Japanese animation Studio Ghibli.

Seeing the original Ni No Kuni coming to modern systems is especially nice as it will allow gamers to play both the first and the second game on one platform. Ni No Kuni 2: Revenant Kingdom came out last year for the PS4 and PC to glowing reviews.

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