Breath of the Wild in the works for the Switch


During their E3 Direct, Nintendo has announced that they are currently working on a full sequel for the wildly popular Zelda: Breath of the Wild. The sequel will come out for the Nintendo Switch but development is likely still in its early stages, as Nintendo didn’t show or tell many details about the game or release window. At least we get a little teaser trailer.

Zelda: Breath of the Wild already went down in history as one of most beloved Zelda entries and Nintendo games of all time. How could it not? Influenced by other open-world action-RPGs like The Elder Scrolls: Skyrim, Breath of the Wild took the long-lasting series into a wild direction, unlike anything fans of Zelda games have ever seen. We are of course talking about the jump to a true, large open-world.

While such a drastic shift would raise eyebrows, it’s Nintendo we are talking here about. Of course, the beloved Japanese developer managed to not only make the Zelda formula work in an open-world setting but instantly catapult it into possibly the future template for the series. Cue last night when Nintendo – unsurprisingly – announced that work on a full sequel for Breath of the Wild has begun.

Since it’s still early days for this unnamed sequel, we know little about it. But from the short teaser trailer we can deduct that the same art style will be kept and from a quick glimpse in the trailer we can also see that the game will again feature an open-world. How similar the game will be to The Breath of the Wild remains to be seen.

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