Twin Mirror by Dontnod gets delayed into 2020, Gets new Trailer


Life is Strange developer Dontnod has announced the delay of their psychedelic adventure game Twin Mirror. According to a dev post on the official Facebook page, the new release mirror for the game is sometime in 2020 for PC, PS4 and Xbox One.. Furthermore, Twin Mirros will be an Epic Games Store exclusive for one year on PC.

Dontnod really stole the spotlight among small game studio’s during 2015 with the studio’s smash hit Life is Strange. The mix of deep narrative, interesting gameplay mechanic and great writing with relatable characters catapulted the small French developer onto the stratosphere. Their follow-up Vampyr didn’t really manage to achieve the same amount of success but is still a great game nonetheless. But being a more action-oriented title, it probably missed the mark at the studio’s fans.

Dear fans, We’d like to share with you some information about the release of Twin Mirror. To offer the best experience possible for you and increase even more the quality of the game we’ve decided to add some development time reschedule it for 2020. We are confident that you will enjoy it as much as we’re enjoying making it! We want to thank all of you for your understanding and patience. We’re also happy to announce that we’re partnering with Epic Games to bring the game to the Epic Store at the launch. We’ll share more information about the game as soon as we can!

Cue Twin Mirror. Once again, Dontnod is returning to what they are known for best. Great writing and a focus on narrative. As an investigative journalist who returns to his home town, protagonist Sam originally only wanted to attend the funeral of his best friend, but things quickly turn out different than expected. On the day after the funeral, Sam finds himself in the middle of a mystery where he tries to solve what happened that day. Aiding him on his journey is his alter ego Double who gives him advice and Sam’s special skill of memory visualization. Make sure to watch the new gameplay trailer to see all this in action.

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