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Spanish weather agency AEMET has issued a weather warning for 33 provinces in Spain, as temperatures climb towards 40C. The latest warning comes just a week after much of Europe struggled under an intense heatwave which saw temperatures reach 42C in Spain. Although the heatwave is no longer widespread on the continent, certain countries will see temperatures north of 30C.

Where are Spain weather warnings?

The Spanish meteorological agency, AEMET, has estimated temperatures will climb above 36C this weekend in 33 provinces.

In some areas, temperatures could rise above 40C.

In total, 24 provinces are on a yellow ‘risk’ alert for heat, and a further nine are on orange ‘important risk’ alerts.

Warnings are in place from Friday, July 12 to Sunday, July 14.

These provinces are under an orange alert:

– Albacete

– Cuenca

– Guadalajara

– Toledo

– Avila

– Zamora

– Lleida

– Madrid

– Valencia

These Provinces are under yellow alert:

– Almería

– Córdoba

– Granada

– Teruel

– Ciudad Real

– Burgos

– León

– Palencia

– Salamanca

– Segovia

– Soria

– Valladolid

– Barcelona

– Tarragona

– Alacant/Alicante

– Badajoz

– Cáceres

– Galicia

– Lugo

– Ourense

– Pontevedra

– Illes Balears

– Ibiza y Formentera

– Mallorca

– Región de Murcia

– Murcia

The Spanish Ministry of Health set out a list of recommendations for those caught in the heat this weekend:

– Drink water and fluids frequently

– Don’t drink too much caffeine, alcohol or large amounts of sugar

– Pay special attention to babies and small children, seniors and people with diseases

– Stay as long as possible in cool, shaded places, and refresh yourself whenever you need it.

– Reduce physical activity from 12pm to 5pm.

– Wear light , loose clothing.

– Never leave anyone in a parked and locked vehicle.

– Keep your medicines in a cool place.

– Make light meals that help replenish the salts lost by sweating.

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