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Former high commissioner for Pakistan Wajid Shamsul Hasan warned that the conclusion between India and Pakistan could have “explosive” consequences. When asked how the situation could be de-escalated he noted that things could get worse over the next months. He alleged Pakistan leader Imran Khan had 32 to 40 thousand Jihaddi’s “itching to intervene’ in the conflict.

Mr Hasan said on Sky News: “It is very difficult to de-escalate the present situation.

“Especially if you look at Imran Khan’s statement in Washington.

“That there are 32-40 thousand Jihadi itching to intervene.

“So the situation is likely to explode in a few months time, or earlier than that.

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“For that reason, the United Nations needs to do act and intervene.

“Or President Donald Trump, as he said, will offer mitigation, he will have to intervene.

“Otherwise things will really explode in an almost nuclear conclusion.”

Last month President Donald Trump admitted he would “love” to be a mediator on the issue between the two countries.

Mr Trump seemingly surprised his guest with his response revealing he had already been discussing this possibility.

He said: “I was with Prime Minister Modi two weeks ago, and we talked about this subject.

“And he actually said, would you like to be a mediator or arbitrator.

“I said, where? He said Kashmir.”

India has firmly rejected US President Donald Trump’s claim that Prime Minister Narendra Modi asked him to “mediate” on Kashmir, stressing that “all outstanding issues with Pakistan are discussed only bilaterally”.

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