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The bumbling half-giant is one of the best-loved characters, but what if Hagrid was an undercover Death Eater all along? This is the claim of a popular new theory that’s seen huge support from fans. Reddit user Whoofph aka Zach Hansen has written a 9000-word essay arguing in light of evidence that Hagrid was a powerful wizard working for the Dark Lord. The theorist has been re-reading all seven Harry Potter books and points out how Hagrid’s moves aided Voldemort time and time again.

Of course, Hansen doesn’t believe JK Rowling meant this intentionally and the theory shouldn’t be taken entirely seriously.

However, he feels the amount of evidence is intriguing and supports the conclusion that Hagrid was a Death Eater all along.

Some of the highlights from the first book include the half-giant’s incredible magical abilities, his participation in cruelty towards Muggles and the subtle manipulation of Harry. 

While in the final book’s Battle of Hogwarts, it’s claimed Hagrid follows Voldemort’s orders, provides valuable intelligence and never fights Dark wizards. To read the full essay click here.

Another popular fan theory claims

According to another theorist, Salazar sought immortality and his last confirmed act alive was concealing a Basilisk inside the Chamber of Secrets.

Well, what if the Hogwarts founder concealed his soul within the giant serpent?

Perhaps waiting for Tom Riddle to open the Chamber of Secrets and latch on to his body?

After all, the young Riddle was never the same again after he opened the chamber.

Plus we’ve already seen it’s possible for two souls to share one body, with Harry being one of Voldemort’s Horcruxes.


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