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Three tropical storms and one tropical depression are currently tracking across the Northwest Pacific/North Indian Ocean. The strongest of these is Tropical Storm Lekima, which has a current wind speed of 80 mph, with gusts of up to 97 mph according to the Joint Typhoon Warning Center (JTWC). The closest to land is Tropical Storm Francisco, which struck Japan today (Tuesday) bringing torrential rain.

Tropical Storm Francisco

At the latest JTWC update, Tropical Storm Francisco made landfall in southern Japan as a typhoon, with a maximum sustained wind speed of 85mph.

The typhoon drenched the Tokushima Prefecture with more than a foot of rain according to the Japanese Meteorological Agency.

The Miyazaki Prefecture has seen more than nine inches of rain.

Francisco is now tracking towards eastern South Korea and has been downgraded to a tropical storm.

The weather system will bring heavy rain to South Korea when it hits on Wednesday, and poses a risk of flooding for some areas.

Tropical Storm Lekima

According to the latest update from the Joint Typhoon Warning Center, Tropical Storm Lekima is tracking northwestward at a rate of 9.2mph.

The weather system was located 471 miles south of Kadena Airbase in Japan and is expected to intensify into a typhoon on Wednesday.

Japan’s southern Ryukyu Islands and Taiwan will feel the brunt of the weather system later this week.

According to the JTWC, Lekima is forecast to be the equivalent of a category one hurricane when it tracks close to the Ryukyu Islands and Taiwan on Friday.

After making landfall, Lekima is predicted to weaken to a tropical storm before heading across to eastern China at the weekend.

The main issue for Taiwan, Japan’s southern Ryukyu Islands and eastern China is rain, as more than a foot of rain is forecast on Saturday for higher areas in Taiwan.

Flooding and landslides could be triggered, and strong winds could also impact those areas.

Tropical Storm Krosa

After Lekima, newly formed Tropical Storm Krosa has the potential to be even stronger then Francisco or Lekima.

The depression is located near the Northern Mariana Islands and is expected to develop into a typhoon by Wednesday.

The exact track of Krosa’s impact cannot be forecast yet, but the long-range forecast could see the system impact the same locations which have been affected by both Lekima and Francisco.

Tropical Depression Flossie

The remnants of Hurricane Flossie have now weakened into a tropical depression and is tracking close to Hawaii.

Flossie is currently 89 miles northeast of Hilo, Hawaii is is tracking slowly northwestward.

Waves have been recorded reaching 10 feet around the weather system, which is bringing wet and windy weather to Hawaii.

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